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Puppy Heartworm Prevention Campaign 2023

Parasite prevention is a part of recommended pet care. While 90% of heartworm cases used to be diagnosed in Queensland, the mosquito-borne parasites are being identified in regional clinics in NSW and northern Victoria.

The Riverina was historically a fairly low-risk area for heartworm, but prevention is now more important than ever. Recent weather events provided perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes that carry heartworm, and more people are travelling around Australia with their pets, introducing heartworm to new locations.

Did you know that there have been 12 (twelve) cases of heartworm identified in the Riverina and surrounds in the last couple of years? (Wagga x3, Albury x3, and Wodonga, Griffith, Rochester, Leeton, Echuca, Corowa and Young recording a case each.)

Riverina map showing locations where Heartworm has been reported since Nov 2021

This year, we’re joining Zoetis in a campaign to ensure that all dogs are protected against this relatively silent killer.

The Puppy First Start Campaign, running from May to August 2023, encourages owners to start puppies on the Proheart Sr-12 protocol for annual heartworm injections. ProHeart SR-12 protects puppies from birth if administered at 12 weeks of age.

By offering the first Proheart injection (given aged 12 weeks) to our Owners for free, we can ensure that our pups start their lives in their new homes protected from Heartworm!

After the 12 week Proheart injection, Puppies need a booster around 6 months of age to account for their growth. Wagga Vet have always offered discounted puppy booster prices, based on your pets’ weight.

Zoetis are also supporting us to offer the initial Proheart injection to any dog up to the age of 12 months free, when you coordinate a heartworm test for your dog. Ask about this at your Puppy Vaccination or pre-desex health check appointment!

Infographic: Dog holding sign showing words - 40% of reported heartworm positive cases were on a monthly owner-given treatment, highlighting that it’s easy to forget (reference 1 Heartworm Surveillance Project (accessed 2015)

Heartworm prevention is then given annually at your Vaccination and Health Check appointments. ProHeart SR-12 is 100% effective at preventing heartworm disease for a full year, so you only need to remember heartworm once a year, not every month!

Call us to ask about the benefits of ProHeart Sr-12.

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