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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot afford my vet bill?

We understand bills can come at times we least expect it. To enable our team to provide your pet the care it needs, we offer Zip Pay, Zip Money and Vet Pay.

Zip Pay (under $1000) and Zip Money (over $1000) are accepted at WWVH. Simply apply prior to your visit, or if you are an existing Zip Pay/Money customer, just provide us with your account number and we can add your vet bill. The link is provided below:

Vet Pay requires you to apply online for credit approval prior to treatment starting. Once approved and a deposit is paid, we can start immediate veterinary care. Approval usually takes less than 15 minutes. 

Thankfully we are able to provide a service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our friendly vets don’t finish when the day ends, as they are on call in case your pet needs emergency care. Simply call 6926 0900 and follow the prompts. Please note, there are out of hours surcharges.

If you are unsure if your pet needs immediate attention, please call to speak with our vets and be reassured.

Health insurance for pets is a policy which reimburses you for a percentage of the fees paid for veterinary care.

Once you take a policy out for your pet, there is generally a cooling off period, as well as a waiting period – similar to private health insurance for people. Some providers require a health check from the vet to document any pre-existing health issues.

You are required to pay the veterinary hospital the entire invoice total at discharge of your pet. You supply a claim form to your vet, and once completed this is sent for processing. Your insurance company will assess the claim and reimburse you for a portion of the covered veterinary fees.

There are many providers/brands and levels of cover that encompass different inclusions/exclusions. We encourage pet owners to do their own product research. 

It is a common question posed to veterinarians across Australia- “Why are vets so expensive?”

Fact: Health care is expensive.

Due to the excellent and subsidised health care provided in Australia via MEDICARE, the public is insulated from the true cost of health care.

When a pet visits your local vet clinic, the animal is examined by a nurse and veterinary doctor in a fully equipped hospital. The specialised equipment, blood test machines, electronic monitors and other operational costs add up.

Unfortunately, there is no Medicare for pets.

Veterinary clinics around Australia operate on different business models and therefore set their prices individually. You may find the prices vary for the same advertised service. We encourage all pet owners to not just compare advertised prices, but also what is included or excluded, often referred to as the ‘fine print’.

Our family owned veterinary practice thrives to get it right first time, providing trusted veterinary care. We don’t cut corners, for the sake of your pets well being. 

First and foremost, do not risk your own safety when dealing with injured wildlife. When stressed/injured/in pain, animals have a flight-fright response and can kick/bite/scratch/sting even when they appear lifeless.

DO NOT approach snakes, monitors/goannas, bats (flying foxes), large kangaroos & wallabies, or raptors (eagles, falcons, hawks). These animals require specialist handling and MUST be rescued by trained wildlife rescuers.

For NSW wildlife rescues call 1300 094 737 or visit the WIRES website for further information.

All wildlife that is sick or injured needs to be assessed by a vet before coming into care.   Any veterinary clinic can assess wildlife before it is released to WIRES for rehabilitation. Some animals may be euthanised for humane reasons if their injuries are deemed too serious for healing and rehabilitation.

If you require wildlife to be assessed outside our normal opening hours, please call 6926 0900 and follow the prompts to speak to our vet on duty. They will endeavour to provide advice and examine the animal as soon as possible.

In the case of finding a lost dog or cat, we encourage people to check the collar for a phone number first.

Using social media is another fast way to reunite a lost pet.

In the situation of an unclaimed lost pet Glenfield Road Animal Shelter, near the McDonalds, have an office open during business hours or dog drop off boxes for out of hours. Once an animal is safely dropped to the shelter, council staff check their microchip and if necessary undertake a re-homing process. Alternatively, contact
Wagga City Council Rangers
1300 292 442.

As a veterinary hospital, our main function is to provide urgent health care to injured and sick animals. We do not have the facilities to safely take in & care for lost pets. Our staff can scan for a microchip (as can the Animal Shelter), but we cannot hold a pet.

If you find an severely injured lost pet, any veterinary clinic can provide first aid care to the animal before trying to find their owner. 

Committed to excellence and compassion because we care.

We understand the importance you place on your animal’s health and happiness. Help us help you, and your pets. 

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